The 34th Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards aired on October 8th, and WOW – what a wonderful hour watching this! I admit this is the first time I have watched the whole award show in its entirety. I am so glad I did! My heart was so happy watching the achievements of these Hispanic and Latinx icons I’ve admired since I was a child! This is just a brief snippet of my favorite moments throughout the ceremony.

As a lifelong Salma Hayek fan, it was amazing to see her discuss her success and her current projects. As a Frida Kahlo fan, I love how the announcer stated the movie Frida as her “passion project”. Yes! I feel like she doesn’t get enough recognition for her amazing performance in that movie.

West Side Story fans, there was a section of the show dedicated to the iconic movie’s 60th anniversary including footage of the upcoming remake directed by Steven Spielberg. Of course, the wonderful PEGOT icon Rita Moreno graces us with her presence! For those who don’t know, a PEGOT winner is someone who has won all four EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) awards as well as a Peabody Award or Pulitzer Prize.

The Queen of Reggaetón, Ivy Queen, made a grand appearance and was awarded the Vision award! I was in middle school during her big rise to fame and I felt so much nostalgia to hear her hit songs again. I was awe-struck at how humble she was while she spoke of her legacy. This groundbreaking artist set the table for others, especially women, in the Reggaetón genre.

Arguably the greatest guitarist of all time, Carlos Santana, received the 2021 Legend Award. Hearing him speak about his background, rise to fame, his comeback, and his humbleness made me love him even more! It was a wonderful reminder that I haven’t listened to his music for so long. I definitely need to update my Spotify!

Did you miss it? PBS has the recording available here. Depending on the region, you may need to log in first. Video clips of certain parts of the show are available here.