Warning: Spoilers for the movie ahead. You have been warned!

Christmas is over and now we are in that awkward last week of December where we have to double-check the calendar and see what today’s date is. December 24th, Christmas Eve, is a very important date for Latin Americans, as we call it Noche Buena, and meet up with our family and have a big feast. What made this day extra special was Disney’s 60th animated feature Encanto was FINALLY released on Disney Plus! Our family has seen it twice already and we are obsessed! I had been excited about this movie since Lin-Manuel Miranda announced it years ago and I just wanted to share some thoughts.

Mirabel is Just Adorable but Abuela Alma is…

As a Latina, I related to this movie HARD. Mirabel was absolutely adorable and I definitely saw my dorky 15-year-old self in her. I just wanted to hug her every chance she showed up on screen. My maternal abuela passed away in 2011 and my paternal abuela lives in Mexico so I don’t get to see her often. I have never felt gaslighted, alienated, or excluded by either of them specifically, but I was by another close family member. This family member did the exact same things that Abuela Alma did to Mirabel and oh my goodness, I must have cried at least 70% of my first viewing. This will be an unpopular opinion (and technically not true), but I’m calling it! Abuela Alma is the villain of the movie. Also, that family picture during Antonio’s celebration made me so angry! Agustín and Félix were in the picture, why not Mirabel?! I could go on and on, but I’m sure most people understand where I’m coming from.

The Ending of the Movie Felt Rushed

The last part of the movie felt so rushed! Bruno seeing his mom (Alma) again felt so flat and I wanted to know more about what happened after the new casita was built. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Disney will release Encanto shorts, a prequel/sequel, or a series so we can learn more about the family members that didn’t get enough spotlight! What was Bruno’s childhood like? What was it like for Agustín and Félix when they first met and eventually joined the Madrigal family?

It’s Such a Wonderful Family Film!

I’m taking off my animation nerd glasses for a second. *ahem* So for the casual viewer, this movie has something for everyone. My husband isn’t really into animation but loves fantasy and magic. He really enjoyed it! Lots of humor for the adults without it being too crass. As we understand basic Spanish slang especially from Colombia, we cracked up during some moments in the film. The animation is absolutely gorgeous, the representation in terms of skin tones is absolutely accurate, and many Colombians were ecstatic at the research Disney spent on the movie.

The Music

As someone who has listened to Latin music her whole life, I had a blast with the songs and musical score and so did my kids. I haven’t listened to Carlos Vives in a long time so Colombia, Mi Encanto was a nice surprise! Sebastian Yatra’s Dos Oruguitas was just gorgeous too! Honestly, I enjoyed all of the songs! None of them were filler and were part of moving the story along. I currently have
We Don’t Talk About Bruno stuck inside my head though.

Is the movie perfect? No, of course not. I have my nitpicks as mentioned earlier, but the movie was definitely worth the wait! This movie was supposed to be my oldest child’s first trip to the movies but alas, it was just not meant to be. I’m just thankful it’s available for most families now! My kid got the whole set of Encanto dolls for Christmas and she’s already asking me for Mirabel’s outfit which is actually available to buy!

What did you think of Encanto? Let me know!